Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How do you say no...?

Now that the conference last month is over for work, its back to focusing on other work tasks that have been waiting for my attention.

When work is not crazy busy, I feel that I have the energy, mentally and physically to spend time on my other interests outside of work, but the problem is that sometimes I say Yes to too many things and then my collection of interests almost becomes a full time job in itself. Gah! (That's the sound I make when I'm feeling overwhelmed)...

My most recent editing has actually been for a recruitment ad for my dragon boat team - CYSM Sea Dragons - its on our facebook group page if you're interested in watching 30 seconds of awesomeness.

Last Tues, did a shoot for the 20th Anniversary International Chinese Festival Variety Concert at Melbourne Town Hall. It was a great mix of performers and the lion dance/martial arts/theatre story was a great idea but had way too many things going on and was a bit hard to follow. The operatic finale was the highlight. They've got heaps of events happening over the next few months - check out their website for the full program. http://www.icaf.com.au/

Coming up - there are more stage shows to shoot - Sat 17 Aug - is a Diablo Group Performance at Dallas Brooks Hall, Melbourne, 2pm and then Sat 24 is the  Celebration of the ROC Centenary CYSM Variety Concert, also at Dallas Brooks Hall which is going to be specatular with many well known performance groups including CYSM's special glow in the dark dragon which will look like the dragon is alive! They don't perform this one often because it requires a lot of training (in ninja blacks) and practising in the dark with purple lights to bring out the fluroscent colours on the dragon.

Then theres Dr Sun Yat Sen's memorial statue in October in Melbourne's China Town - a project 10 years in the making. The committee held their last fund raising dinner on the weekend so hopefully we raised enough to finish the project.

And of course - theres the long list in my head of all the craft projects that I've got for family and friends (and myself). I've got fabrics and ideas for a lot of them too that I'm itching to get started.

I'm also humbled (and excited) to have been asked by a very talented friend to assist with her creative project. All I can say so far is that 'modelling' is hard, mentally and physically, it requires a lot of energy. Whoever says modelling is easy, has never done it before.

And painting has come to a stand still in the third room - its completely painted in stark white prep paint begging for us to paint the colour. Our excuse has been that its too cold but once the weather warms up we gotta get a wriggle on. And then only ONE more room - my 'happy' craft room which will be painted in 'Yellow Spark' and decorated with pink and jade green tones. So close yet so far. Planning to take some time off in Sep/Oct to try and make some more progress on this front.

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