Sunday, January 23, 2011

Previous Craft Work

Well while we all wait patiently for me to finish my next masterpiece - here are some photos from my previous craft work.

Some baby bibs - fabrics courtesy of Lauren - supa kawaii!
My first practice piece - with cute bees chasing after ice cream that they can never get!

The finished piece for a friend's bday pressie - i appliqued a few dresses on the ties

Close up of the fabrics

My friend was thrilled with her apron - she cooks and bakes a lot but she said that she only uses this apron on special occasions because its so pretty. I really like the scallop edged template - I will have to paste the link for the template if I can find it again.

I always like how different the same template looks just by changing the fabrics!
I'll have to find a pic of my god son's quilt which is just a block quilt and get a pic off Lollybags who made a quilt from the same pattern but different fabrics. She gave me the kit actually for my first quilt and i just swapped a couple of the fabrics and added an extra border around the edge.


  1. Found it - the pattern is free now isn't that generous and lovely from Susan Branch's website below:
    The following link is a PDF file to print out the apron pattern. Would love to see photos if anyone else makes it!

  2. ohhhh going to have to put this on my list. lol. I love the bibs too. Where do you get your fabrics for the aprons? they are lovely.

  3. These fabrics were a lucky and cheap find from a shop called Darn Cheap Fabrics on Burgundy St in Rosanna, VIC. Their quilting range is small and they don't re-stock the same fabrics all the time cos I think they just buy whatever excess stock other suppliers have. They do other dress fabrics too but they do get some great quilt fabric designs in sometimes for $7 bucks a metre or less. Otherwise, I also go to GJs fabrics on Lygon Street (sometimes they have $2 fat quarters) and go to craft expos. Pretty in Pink website also sells some cute fabrics too.