Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Updates

Hanging out with the god-kids over the weekend which was really special...and I showed my friend her daughter's quilt so far and she loves it and asked if I could embroider her name in as well and perhaps put in some birdies because her Chinese name means Swallow. So I'm glad I showed her so that she can contribute these ideas. =D

Would like to have a go at the 10x10x10 photo project, although I'm going to wait until internet has been sorted at home. Had it and then lost it! Computer is having problems detecting the router and estbalishing a connection.

Was mightly impressed that hubby painted the ceiling in the guest bedroom (without any hints, suggestions or nagging) while I was away over the weekend. There were glow in the dark stars stuck on the ceiling (in this room and the previous room), which the previous owners painted over! So we literally had falling stars when we scrapped them off.


  1. Oh wow, I would love to see this quilt when finished. Sounds beautiful. All the best with your internet connection.

  2. Thanks Joyce - yeah internet is back up and running - yay! My friend visited over the weekend and I presented a couple of different options to her and we've decided that there will be a small swallow holding an envelope with my god daughters name on it. I'm so excited myself about finishing this quilt but still a bit to go and I don't want to stuff it up at the end when I've been working on this for so long.
    I can't wait to share the finished product with you all. =D